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My son was always active, energetic, incredibly bright. When the private school he was attending indicated that because of his behavior and their diagnosis of ADHD, he wasn’t welcome to return the following school year. The school was insisting we medicate him. It threw our lives into a tizzy. After reading about it, talking to our pediatrician, other parents, we reluctantly put him on Ritalin.

It did calm him down . . . for a few hours. It seemed to agitate him more after the effects wore off. It also reduced his appetite, made it difficult for him to fall asleep, and he seemed to walk around in a fog, with eyes glazed over. And even after medicating my son, he still wasn’t welcome to return to the school.

After finding a chiropractor who did muscle testing to determine food sensitivities, we discovered my son was sensitive to wheat, dairy, tomato and cheese. We removed 100% of these items from his diet. A challenge, because his favorite food was pizza. Note: if you crave something, there is a strong chance you have a sensitivity to that food. See the article on Food Sensitivities.

Within 4 weeks, we had a calm, happy child. More importantly, we eliminated Ritalin from his life, and Marty was back. I could look into his eyes and see he was there again. My fun, sweet, smart, loving child was back. And I could see that he felt better!

Read more in the article on ADHD, because we also had him adjusted regularly, acupuncture, added vitamins and minerals. It was a powerful lesson in the value of real food, food sensitivities, and exploring alternatives to using pharmaceuticals.

I discovered there is a Better Way.

This website is dedicated to Marty Shea, who purpose in life was to bring me to my role as a healer.

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