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What Is Candida?

We can and should have certain species in our body, but after antibiotics and other pharmaceutical treatments (corticosteroids, cancer treatments, or oral contraceptives), certain species are killed or reduced and other species grow out of proportion and candida is one of them. Other factors are eating a diet high in refined carbohydrates, excess alcohol consumption, oral contraceptives, and stress. Candida grows in our body when our pH balance is upset.

It can actually break down the walls of the intestines and being the process of developing food sensitivities and then auto-immune diseases.

Candida can also go into the bloodstream or deep into the organs such as the kidneys or heart.

Some signs and symptoms of candida include toenail fungus, fatigue, memory, brain fog, ADHD, and digestive issues. sugar cravings, bad breath, chronic sinus infections, and a coated tongue.

There are several ways to test for candida. A stool test (Genova Diagnostics).

Blood tests can run for antibodies for candida. Urine Organix test looks for an overgrowth called D-Arabinitol. Or try this test at home:

Candida Spit Test to try at home
(Note: No good data on the reliability of the test- if it shows positive, you may have Candida, if negative, you still may have Candida)

First, stop feeding the yeast. This means altering your diet by eliminating all sugar, soda, and alcohol. Cut back on other carbohydrates such as beans, potatoes, and pasta. Limit to 2 pieces of fruit per day.

Garlic, Caprylic acid (in coconut oil), and oregano oil. Probiotics are helpful AFTER the yeast is killed.

Candida Diet

Candida Auris is considered a “superbug” and is resistant to many drugs.

Candida Albicans is the most common type of yeast infection. It is mostly

As always, get our recommendations for Candida through the Doctors Supplement Store. Products we have tested and trust. Protocols we have found to be effective.


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