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What Is Constipation?

Our BM’s can tell us a great deal about our health, our digestion and our colon. Stools that float, are light tan, or have mucous in them will tell your doctor your digestion is not functioning properly. If our stool is small, hard pellets, it may indicate your ileo-cecal valve is not working well. Ongoing diarrhea is not normal and may be indicative of something more serious such as food sensitivities, bacteria or parasites.

What To Do?

Things to consider are hydration; are you drinking enough water? Check your diet for enough fiber fields fruits and vegetables. Try eliminating some foods as a self-check for food sensitivities. Eliminate or reduce sugar, which is very constipating.

Probiotics and magnesium may be great additions that can have a profound impact on your BMs.Medications such as opioids, antacids, antidepressants, iron, and calcium cause constipation. Seek some natural alternatives to these pharmaceuticals, which have even more serious side effects than constipation.

Have your thyroid checked – low thyroid is associated with constipation.

If you’ve done the above, have food sensitivities checked, run a stool test, and take enzymes.

Seek a doctor who can do Bowel relaxation techniques such as CMRT (Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique) or Applied Kinesiology. A physician trained in gut health can help you with a Food Sensitivity test and a comprehensive stool test.

What is your stool telling you?

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